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At Barber D.M.E., Your Continued Health and Happiness Is Our Number One Marching Order.

Whether you are a cancer survivor, have undergone a recent surgery or have just given birth to a baby, Barber D.M.E. is available to help walk you towards your path of wellness. 

Our expert staff will assist you with the purchase of all of your durable medical equipment and supply needs ranging from mastectomy bras, to compression stockings and socks, to breast pumps and everything else in between.  We carry enteral nutritional products and supplies for those infants who require extra nutrients or are required to be tube fed, and we provide custom fitted wigs and hairpieces for those individuals who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy or medical conditions related to cancer.

As a preferred partner with Tricare Military Insurance, we welcome our Military families who put so much of themselves on the line each day defending our country.  At Barber D.M.E., your continued health and happiness is our number one priority.

Feeding and Nutrition.

At Barber D.M.E., we pride ourselves not just in providing high quality durable medical equipment, but in offering solutions to your everyday medical needs. We offer a variety of breast pumps to meet the needs of busy moms on the go, and we assist those same moms with nutritional products if their children have food allergies or other feeding disorders.


At Barber DME, we understand that it is never easy recovering from surgery or cancer related treatments. That is why our staff is dedicated to providing you with high quality, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing products to get you back on the road to feeling like your old self. Our cranial prostheses will have you running your hands through your hair, and our expanded line of mastectomy and compression garments will allow you to get out and be active while your body heals.


At Barber D.M.E., we understand that everyone, from the young to the old, likes to be in motion. We therefore offer a variety of products from crutches, to canes, to walkers, to wheelchairs that are designed to get you where you need to go safely and securely.


Barber D.M.E. is dedicated to offering products that make each day a little brighter. If you are unable to sleep peacefully through the night due to obstructive sleep apnea, we can assist you with a CPAP machine. If you and your partner would rather not be sleeping, we can provide you with supplies to address your erectile dysfunction. Whatever your lifestyle, Barber D.M.E. will strive to take care of you body and sole.

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